• Catalog number: 811
  • Producer: USPCC

These superior quality decks are by all means Rider Backs but, with magicians and cardists in mind, have been greatly improved.

Here outlined are two game changing improvements:

Printed on Crushed Stock

This feature, with the new thinner stock, gives an exceptional new feel to the cards, that are flexible, snappy and will enhance any magic or cardistry performance.

Traditionally Cut  

This is a very important feature that makes interlacing the cards easier than with traditional decks, allowing ultra smooth handling with crisp and clean shuffles (especially with techniques like the faro shuffle or the one handed shuffle).

The brand new Bicycle Supreme Line are a dream come true for any magician or cardist!

- Crushed stock.

- Traditionally cut.

- No seal.

- Iconic Rider back card case.

- 3 specially printed cards supplied: double back; blank face/regular back; Falling pips card.

- Air cushion Finish.

- Printed by USPCC.

- Very affordable!

• The cards are poker size.

  • Catalog price with VAT (sales tax): USD 7 (USD 6 Price without VAT (sales tax):)

  • Special-offer discount 17 % - ušetříte : USD 1

  • USD 6
  • (Price without VAT (sales tax): USD 5)
  • USD 5

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